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Configuring the IBM Lotus Domino Server
The installation, setup, and configuration is intended to be done by a qualified Lotus Notes Administrator that is qualified and trained on the Domino Server version 7.
Note that the following documents and information are based on the Domino version 6, but the user calendar feature has been developed and tested on a Domino version 7. There is no implied or expressed backward compatibility with the earlier version of the IBM Domino server. For configuration and trouble-shooting information, see the IBM web site.
Make the following changes to your Domino server:
If you are configuring over a remote connection do not issue quit or restart commands in the Domino server console. This will terminate your Lotus Domino server connection and it will have to be restarted from an admin session on the physical Lotus Domino server machine.
*On the Internet Protocols tab, HTTP tab and R5 Basics tab, Set the "Allow HTTP clients to browse databases" field to Yes.
*On the Internet Protocols tab and the DIIOP tab, specify the Internet host name for the server in the Host name/Address field (Domino Internet Inter-Orb Protocol).
*Anonymous access must be allowed. In the Server document in the Domino Directory, go to the Ports tab, then the Internet Ports tab, then the Web tab. Ensure that the Anonymous field under Authentication options is set to Yes.
Useful Lotus Domino server console commands:
*tell diiop show config — this lists all the configuration information that is needed for setting up the server. If this shows an error then DIIOP may not be loaded. If DIIOP is not loaded than run this command:
*load diiop — this will also refresh/update the DIIOP setting instead of waiting the default time interval (5 minutes) for updates.