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Installing the notes.jar File
Access to IBM Lotus Notes user calendars requires the use of the Notes.jar file. This file is distributed with the Lotus Notes Domino server installation and can be found in this directory:
Copy this file and place it in the My webMethods Server file system in the following directory:
Software AG_directory ]\MWS\lib\ext
It is your responsibility to read and conform to all IBM requirements concerning the use and distribution of this jar file.
After the jar file is in place, you must update My webMethods Server.
*To update My webMethods Server
1. If My webMethods Server is running, stop it.
2. Open a command window and change directory to: [
Software AG_directory]\MWS\bin
3. Run the following update command:
mws -s [Name of your MWS] update
Unless you have specified a My webMethods Server name during installation, the name default is applied to the installation.
4. Start My webMethods Server.