EntireX XML/SOAP Wrapper

The EntireX XML/SOAP Wrapper enables XML-based communication to EntireX/Natural RPC servers and communication from EntireX/Natural RPC clients to XML-based servers.

Introduction The basic concepts of XML-based communication to EntireX/Natural RPC servers and from EntireX/Natural RPC clients to XML-based servers.
Migration Migration considerations for XML/SOAP components.
Using How to use the XML/SOAP Wrapper; the default values used by the XML/SOAP Runtime.
RPC Environment Manager Using the RPC Environment Manager to create, edit and remove RPC environments.
RPC Environment Monitor Using the RPC Environment Monitor to check the availability of each RPC environment.
XML Tester How to use the EntireX XML Tester.
Command-line Mode Using the XML/SOAP Wrapper in command-line mode.
Tracing the XML/SOAP Runtime Tracing the RPC Server for XML/SOAP, Listener for XML/SOAP or XML/SOAP Wrapper (only for UNIX and Windows).
Writing Applications Connecting between XML-based clients and an EntireX RPC server and between EntireX clients and XML-based servers.
Client and Server Applications Configuring a client to call the EntireX XML/SOAP Runtime (Java API and Listener for XML/SOAP); configuring an RPC Server for XML/SOAP.
Deployment and Dynamic Configuration Deployment to RPC Server for XML/SOAP and dynamic configuration of RPC Server for XML/SOAP.
Examples Connecting an existing EntireX RPC client to an XML-based server; building an EntireX RPC client and using an existing XML-based server; connecting an XML-based client to an existing EntireX RPC server.
FAQs and Troubleshooting Listener for XML/SOAP; RPC Server for XML/SOAP.
Reference Client using the Java interface and the HTTP interface.
XML Structures and IDL-XML Mapping Description of the XML structure; basic IDL to XML mapping; arrays; groups; the IN, OUT and IN OUT parameters.
XML Schema Standards Conformance Standards conformance of XML Schema parser and XML Schema writer.
Reliable RPC Introduction to reliable RPC; writing a client and a server for Reliable RPC; Broker configuration.
SOAP and Web Services SOAP support; Web services; example.

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