EntireX XML Mapping Editor

The EntireX XML Mapping Editor allows you to map XML document structures to IDL libraries, programs and parameters. The mappings can be defined for the request and response to the server application, or from the server to the client. The input for the XML Mapping Editor can be a Software AG IDL file and/or an IDL-XML mapping file (perhaps produced by a previous XML Mapping Editor session or by importing a WSDL file, XML Document or XML Schema). The output is an IDL-XML mapping file, other XML structure definitions (such as sample XML files), and perhaps a created or changed IDL file.

With the XML Mapping Editor you can:

  • Generate XML structures and IDL-XML mapping files for code generation and runtime components.

  • Modify the XML structures.

  • Modify the mapping links of IDL and XML structures.

  • Validate existing or user-modified XML structures and IDL-XML mapping links.

This document is organized as follows:

Using Using the XML Mapping Editor.
EntireX XML Tester Using the EntireX XML Tester.
Command-line Mode Using the XML Mapping Editor in command-line mode.
IDL to XML Mapping Mapping a Software AG IDL file; defining XML encoding; validity checks; exporting the IDL-XML mapping to an XML Schema.
IDL to XSD Mapping Mapping Software AG data types to an XML Schema (XSD) document.
IDL to WSDL Mapping Mapping Software AG data types to WSDL.

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