Error Messages and Codes

This document describes the error messages and codes of webMethods EntireX. The messages are arranged by message class. Most of the messages below have the following format: ccccnnn[n|s]

where cccc is the message class
nnnn is the message number in the range 0000-9999, or
nnns is the message number in the range 000-999 and severity of the error:
E: error; function cannot be performed
I: information
W: warning; potential problem exists

Within an error message, ":n:" is a placeholder for variable text. For example: "Connection to :1: failed: :2:". Here ":1:" and ":2:" will be replaced by meaningful text depending on the context of the error.

This document is organized as follows:

See also Component Return Codes in EntireX | Broker Command and Information Services Error Codes | EXXMSG - Command-line Tool for Displaying Error Messages | Administration Service Messages.

List of Message Classes

00000000 Successful Response
0001nnnn RPC C Runtime
0002nnnn EntireX ACI - User does not Exist
0003nnnn EntireX ACI - Conversation Ended
0007nnnn EntireX ACI - Service not Registered
0008nnnn EntireX ACI - Security Error
0010nnnn EntireX ACI - Commands to Server
0013nnnn EntireX Java
0014nnnn EntireX ACI - Broker Stub Version 1
0015nnnn Designer
0020nnnn EntireX ACI - User Error in the API
0021nnnn EntireX ACI - Configuration Error in the Attribute File
0022nnnn EntireX ACI - Translation and Conversion Errors
0036nnnn EntireX ACI - Broker Busy
0037nnnn EntireX ACI - Broker Resource Shortage
0074nnnn EntireX ACI - No request or Message Available
0078nnnn EntireX ACI - Error from Broker
0079nnnn EntireX ACI - Error in Broker Stub
0196nnnn EntireX ACI - Disconnected due to new Location
0215nnnn EntireX ACI - Connection Error
0217nnnn EntireX ACI - Transactionality
0300nnnn Broker Command Service
0301nnnn Broker Information Service
0302nnnn Configuring and Controlling Service
0400nnnn Direct RPC
0800nnnn webMethods EntireX Adapter for Integration Server
1000nnnn RPC C Runtime System
1001nnnn RPC Protocol
1002nnnn User-definable Server
1003nnnn Conversion
1004nnnn IDL Compiler
1005nnnn RPC Server
1006nnnn DCOM Wrapper
1008nnnn EntireX License
1011nnnn User-definable SAGTRPC Conversion Exit
1012nnnn Reserved.
1014nnnn Natural System Errors, see the Natural documentation under NATnnnn. You can display the corresponding Natural System error and explanation if you log on to a Natural Session and enter HELPnnnn in the command line.
1015nnnn Reserved for EntireX RPC Server for Java
1016nnnn EntireX RPC Service Messages
1017nnnn EntireX RPC Online Maintenance Facility
1018nnnn EntireX RPC-ACI Bridge
1020nnnn IDL Extractor for Natural
1021nnnn EntireX RPC Server Mapping Deployment
1022nnnn RPC Server for CICS User Exit Messages
2000nnnn XML/SOAP Runtime
2001nnnn IDL Parser
2002nnnn .NET Wrapper
2003nnnn PL/I Wrapper
2004nnnn COBOL Wrapper
2005nnnn Software AG IDL Extractor Generic Messages
2006nnnn IDL Extractor for COBOL
2007nnnn IDL Extractor for PL/I
2008nnnn Software AG RPC Extractor Service
2010nnnn RPC Server and Listener for IBM® MQ
2011nnnn Connections to IMS Connect
2012nnnn Connections to CICS ECI
2013nnnn Deployment to XML RPC Server
2014nnnn COBOL Converter
2015nnnn AS/400
2016nnnn CICS Socket Listener
2023nnnn Connections to ApplinX
3000nnnn NetWeaver XI Adapter
4000nnnn EntireX Process Extractor
8000nnnn - 8999nnnn User-definable ACI Messages
ADASnn Adabas SVC System Messages. These messages occur only when using XCOM communicator under z/OS or z/VSE.
ADASIPnn Adabas SVC Installation
ETBDnnnn Broker Log and Console - Diagnostic Messages
ETBEnnnn Broker Log and Console - Error Messages
ETBMnnnn Broker Log and Console - Informational Messages
ETBWnnnn Broker Log and Console - Unit of Work/Persistence Messages
MLCnn Software AG Licensing Messages. These Messages are produced by Software AG mainframe license processing or when using the license utility, LICUTIL.
SAGTOKnn EntireX SAGTOKEN Messages
SECxnnn EntireX Broker Security Server for BS2000
XCOnnns X-COM Console Messages


Some error messages include a prefix that tells you where the problem occurred:

Prefix Location of the Problem
API ACI (the EntireX Broker API)
ATTR Broker Attribute File
NET Entire Net-Work or EntireX Broker Engine
PSI Persistent Store
TRANS Translation Services
STUB EntireX Broker Link Routine


Error messages may contain one or more of the following abbreviations:

Abbreviation Meaning
Adabas RB Adabas Record Buffer
Adabas VB Adabas Value Buffer
BCT Broker Control Table
CCB Conversation Control Block
COM Communication Manager
MQ/OMB Message Queue/Output Message Block
PCB Participant (user) Control Block
PCBEXT PCB Extension
SCB Service Control Block
SCBEXT SCB Extension
SPFX Stub Prefix
SSL Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security
STUB EntireX Broker environment-dependent link routine
TFE Trace Filter Entry
TOM Timeout Manager
TOQ Timeout Queue
TRE Translation Request Entry
UOW Unit Of Work
WQE Work Queue Entry
XPE Expel Entry (in participant blacklist)