Installing EntireX under z/OS

There are two methods for installing EntireX under z/OS:

  • the simplified installation method; this is the method we recommend

  • the classic installation method as used in previous versions of EntireX (prior to version 9.9)

The information you need depends on the installation method you choose. The following section applies to both methods:

Introduction Installation scope; contents of the mainframe installation medium; copying the contents to disk.

The following section applies to the simplified method only:

Simplified Installation New, simplified installation procedure. All JCL members are now in library EXX107.JOBS. This data set has been thoroughly restructured; it contains installation, installation verification and maintenance jobs of all EntireX subproducts. This is the recommended installation method.

The following sections apply to the classic method only:

Installing EntireX Broker Describes the steps for installing EntireX Broker under z/OS.
Installing EntireX RPC Servers Describes how to install the EntireX RPC servers under CICS, Batch and IMS.
Installing CICS Socket Listener Describes how to install the CICS Socket Listener.

The following sections apply to both methods:

Verifying the Installation Describes how to verify whether the installation of EntireX was successful.
Installing EntireX Security Provides links to the steps required for installing EntireX Security under z/OS.
Installing EntireX Java Components How to install EntireX Java components under z/OS UNIX.
ICU Custom Converter How to install the EntireX ICU Custom Converter Build Environment under z/OS UNIX.
Installing Adabas Components for EntireX Installing the Adabas components for EntireX if you do not have Adabas already installed at your site and you want to use SVC communication.
Installing Adabas with TP Monitors for EntireX Installing Adabas components for EntireX in batch mode and with its teleprocessing (TP) monitors.

Installation prerequisites are listed for all platforms centrally; see z/OS Prerequisites under Prerequisites in the EntireX Release Notes. See also General Installation Information for topics that apply to multiple operating systems.

If you want to use EntireX on z/OS together with the Eclipse-based Designer components, you need to install the respective EntireX components under UNIX or Windows, using the Software AG Installer. See the separate Software AG Installer documentation under Cross-Product Guides > Software AG Installer and Update Manager Using the Software AG Installer> in the Software AG Documentation.

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