Installing EntireX Java Components under z/OS UNIX

This document describes how to install EntireX Java components under z/OS UNIX. It covers the following topics:


The following EntireX Java components can be used under z/OS UNIX. The links provide more information on configuring and administering these components under UNIX.

Installation Steps

Start of instruction setTo install EntireX Java components under z/OS UNIX

  1. Unload the delivered installation medium to your DASD device. See Copying the Contents of the Installation Medium to Disk.

  2. On your UNIX system, create a directory for the installation. For example:

    mkdir SoftwareAG; cd SoftwareAG;
  3. Copy the file hlq.EXXvrs.TAR to the created directory, where hlq is your high-level qualifier and vrs is the product version, release and service pack:

    tso "oput 'hlq.EXXvrs.TAR' 'SoftwareAG/exxvrs.tar' binary"
  4. Unpack the TAR file:

    tar xvfo exxvrs.tar

Now you have created a folder structure with subdirectories EntireX and WS-Stack which contain all necessary files in several subdirectories. In the EntireX/bin directory you have an environment file, which you can source to set your environment. Before sourcing the environment, edit this file and set the environment variable EXXDIR to your EntireX directory. Then you can enter the following command (note the space after the initial period):

. ./

Check your Java installation and edit the file in the EntireX/bin directory. You need to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to your corresponding Java installation.

Bourne shell scripts are provided in the EntireX/bin directory to start the different RPC servers.

To use the RPC Server for XML/SOAP, configure the path to the example.xmm file. Edit the file EntireX/config/entirex.xmlrpcserver.configuration.xml and adapt the pathname in the exx-xmm tag. This file is already in EBCDIC format and the encoding has been set to CP037. If you need a different encoding, change this setting accordingly.

Configuring and Administering the Java Components

The following table shows the provided start script and configuration file for each RPC server or listener.

RPC Server/Listener Script in EntireX/bin Config File in EntireX/config
RPC Server for Java jrpcserver.bsh
RPC Server for XML/SOAP jxmlrpcserver.bsh
RPC Server for IBM MQ wmqbridge.bsh
Listener for IBM MQ wmqlistener.bsh
RPC-ACI Bridge jrpcacibridge.bsh
RPC Server for CICS ECI cicseciserver.bsh
RPC Server for CICS Socket Listener cicssocketlistenerserver.bsh
RPC Server for IMS Connect imsconnectserver.bsh

For the Listener for XML/SOAP you need to set up a Web server and install Software AG Web Services Stack to this Web server. See Configure the Web Services Stack Runtime in the Software AG Infrastructure Administrator's Guide, also available under > Guides for Tools Shared by Software AG Products. After successful installation, copy or upload <inst_dir>/EntireX/classes/entirex.jar to the WEB-INF/lib folder in the Web Services Stack application folder.