EntireX RPC Server for z/OS CICS®

The EntireX RPC Server for z/OS CICS® allows standard RPC clients to communicate with RPC servers on the operating system z/OS under CICS. It supports the programming languages COBOL and PL/I.

Supported compilers are listed under z/OS Prerequisites in the EntireX Release Notes.

Introduction Introduction to the RPC Server for CICS.
Administration Administering the RPC Server for CICS. SSL, user exits, automatic start/stop during CICS start/shutdown, installing multiple RPC Servers for CICS in the same CICS.
RPC Online Maintenance Facility How to start, ping, monitor, trace and stop the RPC Server for CICS with the RPC Online Maintenance Facility from within CICS and z/OS console commands.
Deployment Service Customizing the Deployment Service for the RPC Server for CICS. The Deployment Service is a prerequisite for using the Server Mapping Deployment Wizard.
Server-side Mapping Files Server-side mapping is used at runtime to marshal and unmarshal the RPC data stream. This document provides information on synchronization, change management etc. of server-side mapping files.
Scenarios and Programmer Information Steps to call your first RPC server customer code; programmer's information on exception handling - abort execution and return error to RPC client; automatic syncpoint handling.

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