EntireX COBOL Wrapper

EntireX COBOL Wrapper provides access to RPC-based components from COBOL applications. It enables you to develop both client and server applications.

Introduction Introduction to the COBOL Wrapper.
Using Step-by-step guide on how to generate interactively and build (write, compile and link) clients and server applications with the COBOL Wrapper. Programming models for Batch, CICS and IMS COBOL RPC applications are introduced. This section contains the following subsections:
Command-line Mode Using the COBOL Wrapper in command-line mode.
Mapping Mapping Software AG IDL data types, groups, arrays and structures to the COBOL programming language.
Writing Applications A step-by-step guide how to write applications with the COBOL Wrapper and an introduction of further advanced topics.
Reliable RPC Introduction to reliable RPC; writing a client and a server for Reliable RPC; Broker configuration.
Examples Describes the delivered COBOL Wrapper example programs.
RPC Communication Area Provides reference material for the RPC Communication Area.
Delivered Modules Describes the delivered COBOL Wrapper modules.

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