EntireX RPC Server for CICS® ECI

The EntireX RPC Server for CICS® ECI allows standard RPC clients to communicate with CICS programs running on IBM CICS®. It supports the programming languages COBOL and PL/I and transforms the RPC requests from clients into messages to CICS ECI.

The supported CICS environments are described in the prerequisites for z/OS in the Release Notes.

Introduction Introduction to the RPC Server for CICS ECI.
Administration Customizing the RPC Server for CICS ECI; configuring the RPC server side and ACI client side; starting and stopping the RPC Server for CICS ECI.
Preparing IBM CICS for ECI How to set up the External Call Interface (ECI) within CICS.
Server-side Mapping Files Server-side mapping is used at runtime to marshal and unmarshal the RPC data stream. This document provides information on synchronization, change management etc. of server-side mapping files.
Scenarios Steps to call your first RPC server customer code.

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