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Working with Projects
Creating Apama projects
Adding resources to Apama projects
Editing Apama files
Navigating in Apama files
Building Apama projects
Importing projects
Importing adapter configurations
Setting up the environment before importing projects
Exporting project information
Deleting projects and resources
Adding the Apama nature to a project
Adding the Java nature to an Apama project
Viewing all EPL objects in all projects
Internationalizing Apama applications
Checking the error log
Checking the Apama log file for Software AG Designer
Specifying an adapter configuration in a launch configuration
Using Software AG Designer to configure adapters that use Universal Messaging
This section describes how to use Software AG Designer to develop Apama applications.
You can use Software AG Designer to write Apama applications in the Apama Event Processing Language (EPL) and in the Apama in-process API for Java (JMon).
As you develop your application to a stage where you want to run it for testing purposes, you can launch it directly from Software AG Designer. For more information on launching Apama projects, see Launching Projects.

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