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Adding the Apama nature to a project
If you are working with a project that is not an Apama project, for example, a Java project, you can apply the Apama nature to the project with Software AG Designer. The project then becomes an Apama project in addition to whatever natures it had before.
* To add the Apama nature to a project
1. In the Project Explorer view (or in the Package Explorer view if the project is a Java project), right-click the project.
2. Select Apama > Add Apama Nature from the pop-up menu.
After you apply the Apama nature to a project, the project shares all the features of any other Apama project, for example, EPL errors will be detected and flagged, and the project can be launched in an Apama correlator.
Note that the Add Apama Nature menu item is not available if a project is already an Apama project.

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