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Adding the Java nature to an Apama project
You can add two different types of Java nature to an Apama project:
*Java nature. The Java nature applies standard Eclipse Java support to an Apama project, so that all operations that can be performed on a normal Java project can also be performed on the Apama project.
When a project has the Java nature, Software AG Designer:
*Uses ApamaJavaLibrary to add all necessary JAR files to the project's Java build path.
*Creates and updates the jmon-jar.xml file. This is the deployment descriptor file required by each JMon application. Inside the correlator, the JVM processes the deployment descriptor file and uses it as a guide to the event types and monitor classes to load.
*Generates and maintains your application's JMon JAR file in the project_name java application files folder of your project.
*Apama Java nature. The Apama Java nature enables the Apama project to use Apama's Java API and adds support for various operations.
When you create a new Apama project, you can add these natures by selecting the corresponding options. See Creating Apama projects for further information.
If you want to add these natures to an existing Apama project, proceed as described below.
Note: The terms "Java nature" and "Java support" are used interchangeably in this documentation. Both refer to the same functionality.
* To add the Java or Apama Java nature to an existing project
1. In the Project Explorer, right-click the Apama project.
2. Click either Apama > Add Java Nature or Apama > Add Apama Java Nature.

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