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Importing projects
* To import an Apama project created on another machine into this Software AG Designer workspace
1. Select File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace from the Software AG Designer menu. Click Next.
2. In Select root directory specify the root directory where the project is located.
3. Add a check box next to the project(s) you want to import.
4. Check the Copy projects into workspace checkbox if you want to copy all the project files into the workspace directory.
Leave the check box unchecked if you want to simply link to the project in its current location instead.
If you have an Apama application that is not currently part of an Apama project:
1. Select File > New > Apama Project from the Software AG Designer menu.
2. Enter the name of the new project.
3. Uncheck the Use default location check box.
4. Specify the folder containing the files that you wish to import as a new project.
5. Click Finish.
A project that you import might have dependencies on environment variables, bundles, blocks, or functions that have not yet been added to Software AG Designer. As an alternative to explicitly adding each dependency, see Setting up the environment before importing projects.

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