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The Database Connector IAF Adapter (ADBC)
Overview of using ADBC
Registering your ODBC database DSN on Windows
Adding an ADBC adapter to an Apama project
Configuring the Apama database connector
The ADBCHelper application programming interface
The ADBC Event application programming interface
The Visual Event Mapper
Sample applications
Format of events in .sim files
The Apama Database Connector (ADBC) is an adapter that uses the Apama Integration Adapter Framework (IAF) and connects to standard ODBC and JDBC data sources as well as to Apama Sim data sources. With the ADBC adapter, Apama applications can store and retrieve data in standard database formats as well as read data from Apama Sim files. Data can be retrieved using the ADBCHelper API or the ADBC Event API to execute general database queries or retrieved for playback purposes using the Apama Data Player.
There are three versions of the ADBC adapter, one each for ODBC, JDBC, and Sim data sources.
For information about playing back data, see Using the Data Player.

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