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Registering your ODBC database DSN on Windows
On Windows it is necessary to register your database and give your database configuration a unique Data Source Name (DSN) before using it from Apama.
* To register your ODBC database DSN
1. From the Windows Control Panel, double-click the ODBC Data Sources icon. If this icon is not listed, double-click the Administrative Tools icon and then double-click the Data Sources (ODBC) icon.
This will open the ODBC Data Source dialog.
2. On the User DSN tab, click Add.
3. In the Create New Data Source window, select the driver for which you want to setup a data source.
4. Click Finish to display the Setup dialog.
5. Enter a Data Source Name. This is the name you will use in Apama when creating data attachments.
6. Click OK in the Setup, and ODBC Data Source dialogs.
Note: Standard UNIX systems do not provide an ODBC driver. On UNIX systems, it is currently unsupported to set up an ODBC driver to communicate with your database.

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