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Configuring the Apama database connector
Configuring an ADBC adapter
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The Apama Database Connector is an adapter that is instantiated with the Apama Integration Adapter Framework (IAF). The IAF enables Apama applications to connect to sources of messages and events and to consumers of messages and events; with ADBC, these sources and consumers can be databases. Before using the ADBC adapter, you need to supply the correct information in the adapter's configuration file.
If you develop your Apama application using Software AG Designer, the correct configuration files are included in the application's project file when you add the appropriate ADBC adapter bundle to the project. In order to connect to a database, you need to specify in the adapter's configuration file the properties such as the type and name of data source and the name of the database that the application will use.
If you are not using Software AG Designer, you need to manually create the configuration file from the ADBC adapter template file. For more information on creating the configuration file manually, see Manually editing a configuration file.

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