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Format of events in .sim files
In Apama 4.1 and earlier, Apama captured data streaming through the correlator into proprietary .sim files. These files consist of comma-delimited values. You can use the Apama's Data Player in Software AG Designer to play back event data from existing .sim files. Note, however, that the ADBC does not write data in .sim format.
Apama .sim files contain string versions of events and can also contain an optional header that specifies the default timezone for the series. The timezone identifiers can be any supported by Java. The format of the events contained in a .sim file is:
*timestamp — a float specifying UTC seconds since 01/01/1970.
*event origin — a string specifying whether the event is an internal or external event.
*event — a stringified version of the event itself.
Elements of the exported event are separated by commas.
The following is an example of an external event from a .sim file (each event is stored on a single line, here they are shown on separate lines for clarity):
The following is an example of an internal event from a .sim file:
The events in the example are RawTick events with embedded Tick events.
The following is an example of the optional header containing a specified default timezone:
# <Timezone=America/New_York>
Comments in .sim files
You can add comments when you edit .sim files. Introduce lines containing comments with either # or //.

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