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Configuring the correlator
Using YAML configuration files
YAML configuration file for the correlator
Including YAML configuration files inside another YAML configuration file
Using properties files
Runtime parameterization of configuration
Specifying the correlator port number
Binding server components to particular addresses
Ensuring that client connections are from particular addresses
Setting environment variables for Apama components
Setting EPL log files and log levels in a YAML configuration file
Setting correlator log levels in a YAML configuration file
Configuring persistence in a YAML configuration file
Setting up connections between correlators in a YAML configuration file
Specifying JVM options
Deploying Apama applications with a YAML configuration file
You can configure the correlator using YAML configuration files and properties files. See the topics below for detailed information on these types of files, and on how to configure certain aspects of the correlator.
Note: The description in this section currently applies to configuring the correlator. The IAF and the engine_receive tool are still configured as described in Using the Apama component extended configuration file.
YAML configuration files are also used to configure connectivity plug-ins. See Configuration file for connectivity plug-ins for further information.

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