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Setting correlator log levels in a YAML configuration file
In a YAML configuration file, you can configure the log level for messages logged by the correlator-internal systems. You can do this either for the whole correlator or for individual categories. This includes setting the log level for individual connectivity plug-ins and EPL plug-ins.
Note: You can also set the log levels individually on the command line (see Starting the correlator). If a log level is specified on the command line, it overrides any setting in the YAML configuration file.
To set the log levels in the YAML configuration file, specify entries in the correlatorLogging section. The syntax for this section is:
You can specify either the log level directly, or as a map with the key level. These are synonymous.
.root is used to specify the default log level for the whole correlator. We do not recommend specifying a log level higher than INFO for the default log level, since important information may be lost from the log files.
Valid log levels are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL, CRIT or OFF.
The categories for which the logging can be configured are listed in the table below. Unlike configuring EPL logging, these categories are not regarded as a hierarchy. For example, setting the log level for apama will not be inherited by apama.status.
Example - the default log level for the whole correlator is set to INFO, and the log level for the connectivity plug-ins framework is set to DEBUG:
level: INFO
apama.connectivity: DEBUG
This category
controls the following
Socket-level communications.
Internal messaging-related messages.
Correlator EPL debugger.
Stream queries within EPL.
Correlator-integrated messaging for JMS.
Correlator status lines.
Connectivity plug-ins - framework.
Connectivity plug-ins - chain-related messages.
Connectivity plug-ins - messages from managers.
Connectivity plug-ins - messages from the specified host plug-in. The valid host plug-in names (such as eventMap) are listed in Host plug-ins and configuration.
Connectivity plug-ins - messages from a specific plug-in. Applies to connectivity plug-ins written in both C++ and Java.
EPL plug-in for the correlator - messages from the plug-in itself. Applies only to EPL plug-ins written in C++.
For EPL plug-ins written in Java, the category name is just the Java class name passed to getLogger() in the plug-in code, typically the class name of the EPL plug-in class itself. See also the information below.
The correlator components which are written in Java are configured via Log4j. You can also use the correlatorLogging section of the YAML configuration file to configure the Log4j log levels by using the Java package name as the category name. Notable Java packages which can be configured are:
This Java package (as category)
controls the following
Connectivity plug-ins - Java parts of the framework.
Correlator-integrated messaging for JMS.

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