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Specifying JVM options
In a YAML configuration file, you can specify JVM options which the correlator is to pass to the embedded JVM. To do so, you provide a list of JVM options with the jvmOptions key. If an option has a leading hyphen, you have to enclose the option in quotes. But you can also specify the option without quotes by leaving out the leading hyphen; in this case, the correlator will automatically add the hyphen. Thus, you can specify the JVM options as shown in the following example:
- "-Dkey1=value1"
- Dkey2=value2
- "-Xms100m"
- Xmx500m
You can specify JVM options in multiple configuration files. The options from all the files are then appended together in the order in which they have been specified. If the same JVM option is specified in the command line as well as in a configuration file, the command line takes precedence. For more details, see the description of the -J option in Starting the correlator.

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