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Correlator Utilities Reference
Starting the correlator
Configuring the correlator
Injecting code into a correlator
Deploying a correlator
Deleting code from a correlator
Packaging correlator input files
Sending events to correlators
Receiving events from correlators
Watching correlator runtime status
Inspecting correlator state
Shutting down and managing components
Using the command-line debugger
Generating code coverage information about EPL files
Replaying an input log to diagnose problems
Event file format
Using the Data Player command-line interface
Using the Apama component extended configuration file
The Apama correlator is at the heart of Apama applications. The correlator is Apama's core event processing and correlation engine. This section provides information and instructions for using command-line tools to monitor and manage correlators.
For information about EPL, event definitions, monitors, namespaces and packages, see Getting Started with Apama EPL in Developing Apama Applications.

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