Predict Description and Generation

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Introduction What is Predict Description and Generation? Restrictions and benefits.
Elements of Predict Description and Generation Context menus and commands that are available in NaturalONE when this component has been installed.
Getting Started with Predict Description and Generation How to show the view that is required for working with documentation objects. Information on preferences and navigation commands.
Invoking an Overview of All Documentation Objects How to display the documentation objects for a specific connection. How to filter or find the documentation objects, how to display the properties for the nodes, and how to refresh the tree.
Managing Natural Objects How to create documentation objects by redocumenting Natural objects or by opening the description for a Natural object or library. How to find out whether a Natural object or library has already been documented by displaying its description.
Managing Documentation Objects Information on the object type-specific content editors. Information on the locking mechanism. How to modify, rename or purge documentation objects.
Managing Associations and Links How to link/unlink objects, and how to modify the attributes of a link.
Managing External Objects How to generate external objects from documentation objects, and how to administer external objects (refresh, disconnect and purge).
Managing Predict Components How to simplify continuous integration and deployment, e.g. Adabas DDMs, files (FDTs) etc. based on Predict definitions.


  1. Reference documentation is provided separately. See Predefined Object Types in Predict.
  2. Certain features concerning external objects (generation and administration) are documented in External Objects in Predict.
  3. This documentation assumes that at least Predict Version 4.6.1 is installed on the server you are connecting to. If you use an older version of Predict, the contents and design of windows, tabs and dialogs may differ from those displayed in this documentation.