What's New in Version 9.2.1

This document covers the following topics:


JDOM Removed

JDOM has been removed from the product.

Apache Log4j has been replaced with Apache Log4j 2

For Code Generation the logging functionality is now based on Apache Log4j 2. For details, see Code Generation > Using the Code Generation Component > Set Preferences > Set Logging Preferences.

If you have any Natural Unit Test Ant scripts created with a previous NaturalONE version, you must migrate these scripts to the new format. For details, see Application Testing > Creating Ant Scripts to Run Unit Tests > Migrate Existing Natural Unit Test Ant Scripts.

When running Natural Unit Test Ant scripts from the Command Line, special requirements must be met. For details, see Application Testing > Creating Ant Scripts to Run Unit Tests > Running the Natural Unit Test Ant Script from the Command Line.

Deletion of Natural Passwords

There is now a preference that the user can set which will cause all Natural passwords to be deleted from secure storage every time NaturalONE is shut down.


This section describes the new features for the Code Generation and Natural Construct components in version 9.2.1. The following topics are covered:

DDM Editor

Additional Option for VSAM DDMs

Starting with Natural Mainframe version 9.2, extended ISNs are supported for VSAM DDMs. A new file attribute Extended file can be specified for this purpose. See Using the DDM Editor > About the DDM Editor > Properties View for further information.

Support for New SQL Databases

Starting with Natural Mainframe version 9.2, the MySQL and PostgreSQL SQL database types are supported. See Using NaturalONE > Using the Natural Editors > Using the DDM Editor for further information about creating a DDM.

Basic Functionality for Natural Application Development

List Natural Mainframe Libraries in the Natural Server View Using the Hyperdescriptor H2

When many libraries are available on the Natural system file, the listing of these objects in the Natural Server view can take a long time. Starting from Natural for Mainframes version 9.2.1 on z/OS, a new hyperdescriptor H2 is provided to significantly improve the database access required for this purpose.

See NaturalONE in a Nutshell > Performance Aspects > Improve Mainframe Access for further information about the available hyperdescriptors.

TQMARK Parameter

NaturalONE now supports the TQMARK parameter when parsing sources in the Natural source editor. If you are adding projects from an NDV server environment, the TQMARK parameter is also downloaded to the Natural project properties.

Natural for Ajax / Ajax Developer

Java 11 Required

Java 11 is now required for development and production environments.

Support for Tomcat10 and JBoss EAP

Tomcat10 and JBoss EAP are now supported

Long Username Support for Natural on Linux

Long usernames support of Natural on Linux can now be used with Natural for Ajax.

New Responsive Tutorial

A responsive tutorial to develop a responsive mini-application is available. See First Steps Responsive Pages.

Customization of Whitespace handling for PDF Generation

You can now customize the whitespace handling in CISFO:* and REPORT* controls. For more information see the chapter Working with PDF Documents > Advanced Data Binding and Rendering > Whitespace Handling.

Layout Painter: Support for Responsive Style Classes

Layout Painter has extended the support for adding styleclasses on responsive pages. A corresponding dialog allows convenient selection among the most popular classes for a control. A help text explains the usage for each class.

DATEINPUT2 and BMOBILE:DATEINPUT2: new properties serverformat, clientformat, firstdayinweek

As of this version, the client date format (Browser), the server date format (Natural), and the first day of the week, can be controlled via design-time properties.

All details are documented here:

Natural for Ajax > Working with Controls > DATEINPUT2 > Customizing Date and Calendar Formats
Natural for Ajax > Responsive Page Layout and Controls > BMOBILE:DATEINPUT2 > Customizing Date and Calendar Formats

FIELD: new property placeholder

In FIELD controls you can now add an initial placeholder text.

See Natural for Ajax > Working with Controls > FIELD.

ROWTABLEAREA2: Export of Headers

Exporting the grid headers is now supported. It can be activated and deactivated dynamically. Refer to Natural for Ajax > Working with Grids > ROWTABLEAREA2 - The Flexible Control Grid.

TEXTGRIDSSS2: new property cursormgtprop

You can now dynamically reset the keyboard cursor of the grid from within your Natural program.

Customization of Responsive Style via SASS now Supported

You can now easily customize your responsive style via SASS variables. See Natural for Ajax > Responsive Page Layout and Controls > Styling a Responsive Page.

New Ajax Configuration Parameter notifyparentonpopupclosed

You can now customize whether or not a Natural program receives a "nat:page.default" event when a pop-up is closed. .

Support PROCESS PAGE MODAL in Responsive Pages

Responsive pages now also support opening pop-ups dynamically via the Natural statement PROCESS PAGE MODAL. For details, see section Natural for Ajax > Pop-Ups - Responsive Pages.

New Responsive Control: BMOBILE:DATATREE

The BMOBILE:DATATREE control is a responsive tree control, which supports levels deeper than 2 and dynamic loading of subtrees.

For details, see section Natural for Ajax > Responsive Page Layout and Controls > Responsive Controls

Support for <ctrl><enter> in BUTTON controls

Responsive and non-responsive BUTTON controls now support the activation via <ctrl><enter>. This can be switched on for all buttons on a page. See the buttonctrlenter property in the NATPAGE control.

This property can be switched on for all pages in the application. See the buttonctrlenter property in the cisconfig.xml file !link.



NEWSFEED Control Deprecated

The NEWSFEED control is now deprecated. It requires rome-0.9.jar. The rome-0.9.jar is not packaged with Natural for Ajax anymore. The rome-0.9.jar uses JDOM

JDOM has been removed from Natural for Ajax.

Using Bootstrap 3 is Deprecated

Responsive pages per default use Bootstrap 4. Using Bootstrap 3 in responsive pages is deprecated.

Deprecated: SWT Preview in Layout Painter

The SWT preview in the Layout Painter has been deprecated. Use the HTML preview instead.

Dependencies View now supported for Ajax Layouts

You can now easily switch between a Natural program and the corresponding Layout via the Dependencies View. For details, see NaturalONE > Natural for Ajax > Developing the Application Code.

New Configuration Settings for Natural for Ajax Updates

Natural for Ajax Updates are now included in NaturalONE fixes. Configuration settings are available to customize whether:

  • updates are always or never applied automatically

  • corresponding message boxes are shown.

For details, see section NaturalONE > Ajax Developer > Getting Started with Ajax Developer > Runtime Environment Updates.