Object Versioning

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Introduction What is Object Versioning? Prerequisites, restrictions and benefits.
Before You Start How to activate this plug-in and how to connect to the development server.
Elements of Object Versioning Menu commands, context menus and toolbar buttons that are available in the Natural Studio window when this plug-in has been activated.
Checking Objects In and Out How to transfer Natural objects to the PAC environment and how to transfer versioned objects to another status (where the resulting migration event is automatically authorized and submitted).
Managing Migration Events How to create, authorize and submit a migration event manually. How to find migration events, and how to open, display, copy and delete them.
Displaying Information on Versioned Applications How to invoke an overview of versioned applications and objects, and how to display information on a versioned application, linked status or versioned object. How to show the different versions of an object.