This document covers the following topics:

What is Object Versioning?

Object Versioning provides the opportunity to bring Natural objects under version control for which applications have been defined with Predict Application Control (PAC) on the mainframe.

Object Versioning is available as an optional plug-in unit for Natural Studio.

Object Versioning uses the term "versioned application". A versioned application is an "application" in terms of the PAC environment. With Object Versioning, the term "versioned application" is used so that PAC applications are not mistaken for Natural applications.

Versioned applications can only be defined with PAC, they cannot be defined with Object Versioning (see also Restrictions below).

For detailed information on PAC applications, see the Predict Application Control documentation on your Natural documentation CD. You can also access this documentation via the Software AG web site In case you do not have an Empower user ID and password yet, you will find instructions for registering on this site (this service is only available to users with a valid service contract).

Part II: Migration Concepts in the Predict Application Control User's Guide is of special interest when working with Object Versioning, especially the following sections in this part:

  • Migration Events

  • Authorizing and Submitting a Migration Event

  • Assigning and Maintaining Object Versions


See Prerequisites for Natural Single Point of Development at which lists the minimum requirements for this plug-in.


The following restrictions apply:

  • You can only add batch events.

  • You can only work with Natural objects (programming objects, DDMs and error messages). External Predict objects cannot be versioned.

  • The definition of applications, statuses and links between them has to be performed within PAC.

  • Administration functionality (such as unlocking of applications) is not available.

  • The following methods of creating migration event names are not supported:

    • Generating the event name by entering a name that includes the string "@GEN".

    • Assigning a unique event name dynamically with user exit PACEX025 or PACEX013.


With Object Versioning, you can perform all versioning-related work directly within the Natural development environment. There is no need to change to the SYSPAC library.