Elements of Object Versioning

When Object Versioning has been activated in the Plug-in Manager, additional elements are available in the Natural Studio window:

Menu Commands

When Object Versioning has been activated, the Tools > Development Tools menu provides the cascading menu Object Versioning with the following commands:

Command Using this command, you can ...
New Migration Event Add a new migration event.
Find Migration Event Display a list of defined migration events.
Versioned Applications Display a tree containing all versioned applications with their linked statuses and versioned objects.

Context Menus

When the current context (that is, the selected object) allows it, the above commands can be chosen from a context menu. The context menu also contains general Natural commands such as Delete or Rename.

When the current context allows it, additional context menu commands are available for checking objects in and out, for authorizing and submitting migration events, and for showing the different versions of an object. These commands are described later in this documentation.

Start of instruction setTo invoke a context menu

  1. Select the object for which you want to invoke a context menu.

  2. Click the right mouse button.

    Press SHIFT+F10.

    The context menu appears and you can now choose the required command.


When Object Versioning has been activated, an additional toolbar is shown. The toolbar buttons represent the following menu commands:

Toolbar button

New Migration Event

Toolbar button

Find Migration Event

Toolbar button

Versioned Applications

The display of this toolbar can be switched on and off by choosing Customize from the Tools menu.