This documentation explains how to use the Import/Export Utility, which allows you to download or upload all or selected objects, and the Message ID Utility, which analyzes a data set or the console log according to various user criteria and displays the result in SYSOUT.

This documentation covers the following topics:

Import/Export Utility About the Import/Export Utility.
Importing Entire Event Management Objects How to load Entire Event Management objects from storage to your Entire Event Management database.
Exporting Selected Objects How to save the selected object types in an automatically-generated member or a sequential file.
Exporting the Whole Entire Event Management Environment How to export the whole Entire Event Management environment of System File 2 to a member or an sequential file.
Using the Import/Export Utility in Batch Mode How to use the Entire Event Management Import/Export Utility in batch mode.
Syntax How each Entire Event Management logical record is represented in external format.
Object Types for Import/Export About the Entire Event Management object types that can be exported and imported.
Message ID Utility How to use the Message ID Utility.