Exporting the Whole Entire Event Management Environment

This function exports the whole Entire Event Management environment of System File 2 to a member or an sequential file.

Start of instruction setTo export the whole Entire Event Management environment

  1. Enter EXPORT ALL in the Command===> line of any screen.

  2. Press Enter.

    The following window opens:

    Export Whole Environment

      17:47:02              *** ENTIRE EVENT MANAGEMENT ***                 95-04-16
      !                         - Export whole environment -                      !
      !                                                                           !
      !   Location     ==> SEQ                                                    !
      !   Library      ==> ________                                               !
      !   Run          ==> 1                                                      !
      !   Dsname       ==> ______________________________________________________ !
      !   Volser       ==> ______                                                 !
      !   Node         ==> ___                                                    !
      !                                                                           !
      ! Enter-PF1---PF2---PF3---PF4---PF5---PF6---PF7---PF8---PF9---PF10--PF11--P !
      !       Help        End         Expor                                       !
      !                                                                           !
          6  Calendars                    ! __ RULE                                !
                                          ! __ SERVER                              !
          .  Exit                         ! __ USER                                !
          ?  Help                         !                                        !
          *  Commands                     ------------------------------------------
      Command ===> EXPORT___________________________________________________________
           Help        Exit  Flip                                            Menu
  3. Enter values for the input fields as described in the following.

  4. Press PF5 (Expor) to start the export.

    During the export, a window opens briefly, which informs you about the object currently being exported. This window displays name and type of the object.

    When the export is finished, this is indicated by the message:

    Function performed.

    You should use the Export Whole Environment option in batch mode and with Location SEQ to avoid encountering any limits.

PF Keys: Export Whole Environment

You can perform the following functions from the Export Whole Environment window using these PF keys:

Key Name Function
PF1 Help Display a help screen for this window.
PF3 End Return to Entire Event Management.
PF5 Expor Start the export function.

Fields: Export Whole Environment

The input and output fields in the Export Whole Environment window are explained in the following table:

Field Description
Enter the target location to which to export the Entire Event Management. environment. Possible values:
NAT Natural Source.
SEQ Sequential file is the default unit.
Library If Location is NAT, you must enter a target Library for the exported objects. If Location is SEQ, leave this field blank.
Run The Import/Export Utility generates a new run number for each export run. This field is not modifiable.
If Location is NAT, leave this field blank. If Location is SEQ:
z/OS, z/VSE: The sequential file to which you are exporting must first be allocated and cataloged, as follows:

If the sequential file already exists, it will be overwritten.

BS2000/OSD: For each export, allocation is performed automatically by the Import / Export Utility.
Volser If Location is NAT, leave this field blank. If Location is SEQ and the operating system is z/VSE, you must enter a valid VOLSER.
Node If Location is NAT, leave this field blank. If Location is SEQ, you must enter a valid node.