Import/Export Utility

The Import/Export Utility can be used to:

  • Migrate between different versions of Entire Event Management;

  • Save the whole Entire Event Management environment or selected objects in external storage;

  • Download Entire Event Management objects (e.g.: Rules) used at one location and upload them for use at another location.

To use the Import/Export Utility, you must be defined in Entire Event Management as Administrator, that is, no profile must be linked to your user ID.

Functional Overview

The Export function transforms the records from the Entire Event Management database into an external format and writes them to external storage.

The Import function reads the exported records from external storage, analyses the external format and transforms it into the Entire Event Management database format.

The use of the external format permits the transformation of data from different systems:

System Import/Export storage
IBM/MVS etc. Sequential file or Natural members