BS2000 Environment

This part contains special considerations that apply when running Natural on the operating system BS2000.

The following topics are covered:

Refresh of Natural Load Pool Explains the applicability and the use of the load-pool refresh program.
Optimization of Message Handling Describes the screen output optimization method used by Natural and the facilities to restore the most recent terminal screen content.
Terminal Types Supported under BS2000 Provides information on the various types of terminals that are supported by Natural under BS2000.
Function Keys Supported under BS2000 Describes the specific Natural function-key assignments that are supported for terminals under BS2000.
Common Memory Pools Provides information on the global and local common memory pools.
Calling Dynamically Reloadable 3GL Programs Defines rules for address mode selection when calling dynamically reloadable 3GL programs in a Natural application.
Print File/Work File Server NATPWSV2 Describes the print file/work file server NATPWSV2 for an RPC batch server environment under BS2000.
Using Network Attached Storage Files as Natural Print and Work Files Provides information on how files on Network Attached Storage servers can be processed as Natural print and work files.
RPC Server Front-End Describes the RPC server front-end for an RPC batch server environment under BS2000 with the print file/work file server NATPWSV2.

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Other Natural Functions for BS2000-Specific Purposes

Natural provides the following functions for BS2000-specific purposes:

  • P-Key Utility
    Supports the loading of programmable P keys on terminal devices of the 975n series (types 974n, 975n and 976n).

  • Swap Pool Manager
    Controls the use of the Natural swap pool (under openUTM and under CICS).

These functions are part of the Natural utility SYSTP.