Using Natural with TP Monitors

This Dokument covers the following topics:

TP Monitor Systems Supported by Natural

Natural supports the following teleprocessing monitor systems:

TP Monitor Operating System or Environment
Com-plete z/OS, z/VSE
openUTM BS2000

For information on using Natural with a specific TP monitor, refer to the TP monitor interface descriptions in this documentation.

Using Natural in a Teleprocessing Environment

This Abschnitt covers the following topics:

Embedding Natural in a TP Environment

In a teleprocessing monitor environment, Natural operates as a standard TP program and follows the rules that apply to programs executing under the control of this TP monitor.

As the Natural code is fully reentrant, it is shared between all Natural users and only a work area exists on an individual per-user basis (and only for the duration of this user's Natural session).

Natural user programs (transactions) can be executed together with native TP programs to form an integrated system comprising both Natural and conventional programs.

Relevant Natural Profile Parameters

There are various Natural profile parameters that apply if Natural is used with a TP monitor.

For an overview of these parameters, see TP Monitor Interfaces in Profile Parameters Grouped by Category in the Natural Parameter Reference documentation .

Calling Natural Transactions under a TP Monitor

The Natural transactions can be called by invoking the TP program called Natural and supplying the system command LOGON and the name of the Natural transaction to be executed in the stack.

Multiple commands/transactions and input data for the commands/transactions can be passed using the stack when calling Natural.

Monitoring and Controlling TP-Monitor-Specific Natural Characteristics

The Natural utility SYSTP provides various functions which can be used to monitor and control characteristics of Natural that are specific to TP monitors.

SYSTP is available under the TP monitors Com-plete, CICS, IMS TM, TSO, TIAM and openUTM.

For further information, see SYSTP Utility.

Terminating a Natural Session

The Natural session can be terminated by executing the Natural statement TERMINATE or the system command FIN.

Example Programs

The Natural library SYSEXTP contains several example programs for specific functions that apply only under certain TP monitors.