Natural under openUTM

This document describes the functionality of the Natural openUTM Interface (product code NUT) and the operation and individual components of Natural in an openUTM environment.

The following topics are covered:

Part 1

Structure of the Natural openUTM Interface
Formatting Messages - FREXIT
Embedding Natural in an openUTM Application
Common Memory Pools
Other Storage Areas
Generating KDCROOT
Defining the openUTM Resources - KDCDEF
openUTM DC-Transaction Exit Routine NUERROR
openUTM Startup Function
openUTM Shutdown Function

Part 2

NATUTM Macro Parameters
NATUTM Macro Entries
NURENT Macro Parameters

Part 3

User Exits
Asynchronous Transaction Processing under openUTM
Printing under openUTM
Calling Non-Natural Programs
Calling openUTM Chained Partial Programs
Calling Adabas from Non-Natural Programs in a Natural openUTM Application
Terminating an openUTM Task Abnormally

Part 4

Accounting for Natural openUTM Applications
Utility Programs for Use with Natural under openUTM
Software Exchange
openUTM TACCLASS Concept (Priority Control)
Generating a Natural openUTM Application
Optimizing Natural openUTM Applications
Several Applications with one Common Natural
Entering and Defining Dynamic Natural Parameters
openUTM User Restart
Adabas Priority Control

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