Tools and Utilities

This document describes the purpose and use of the tools and utilities provided by Natural.

Utility Activation Describes how Natural invokes a tool or utility.
FTOUCH Makes a downloaded object executable by Natural.
INPL Loads or scans Natural objects and shared resources supplied by Software AG.
Natural Profiler Monitors the internal process flow of a Natural application and analyzes the performance and code coverage of the application.
Natural Termcap (NATTERMCAP) Utility Adapts your terminal to terminal-dependent parts of Natural.
Object Handler Processes Natural and non-Natural objects for distribution in Natural environments. This is done by unloading the objects in the source environment into work files and loading them from work files into the target environment.
SYSERR Creates application-specific messages. In addition, it can be used to modify the texts of the existing Natural system messages (not recommended).
SYSEXT Locates Natural Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
SYSEXV Provides examples of the new features of the current Natural versions.
SYSMAIN Performs object operations in Natural such as copy, move, delete and import.
SYSNCP Defines command-driven navigation systems for Natural applications.
SYSPCI Configures and initializes a product after a first-time installation.
SYSRPC Establishes and maintains Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) environments.