SYSMAIN Utility - Object Maintenance

The SYSMAIN utility is used to perform object maintenance functions such as copy, move, replace and delete.

The SYSMAIN Utility - Object Maintenance documentation is organized in the following parts:

General Information Basic SYSMAIN functionality.
Invoking and Terminating SYSMAIN Invoking and terminating the SYSMAIN utility.
Description of Functions Explanations of the functions provided by SYSMAIN.
Listing and Finding Objects Listing and finding objects for a single library or multiple libraries.
Copying, Moving and Renaming Objects Copying and moving objects from a source library to a target library in menu mode. Giving the copied objects a new name in the target environment.
Deleting Objects Deleting objects from a source library in menu mode.
Importing Objects Copying objects from an external source to a Natural library in menu mode.
Using the Fields in an Object-Specification Window Specifying selection criteria for the objects to be processed in menu mode.
Using SYSMAIN with Subprogram Performing SYSMAIN utility functions with a subprogram online, or in batch mode.
XRef Considerations Processing cross-reference (XRef) data with SYSMAIN.