SYSRPC Utility

The utility SYSRPC is used to maintain remote procedure calls on the client side.

The SYSRPC Utility documentation is organized in the following parts:

Invoking and Terminating SYSRPC
Service Directory Maintenance
Replacing Items in the Service Directory
Generating Interface Objects - General Considerations
Generating Single Interface Objects with Parameter Specification
Generating Multiple Interface Objects
Calculating Size Requirements
Parameter Maintenance
Server Command Execution
Listing Servers Registered on EntireXBroker
Remote Directory Maintenance
Overview of SYSRPC Direct and Batch Commands

Related Topics:

  • For information on how to apply the SYSRPC utility functions to establish a framework for communication between server and client systems, refer to the Natural Remote Procedure Call (RPC) documentation.

  • For explanations of expressions relevant to the SYSRPC utility, see also the section Natural RPC Terminology in the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.

  • The use of SYSRPC can be controlled by Natural Security: see Protecting Utilities in the Natural Security documentation.

  • For information on Application Programming Interfaces provided to maintain remote procedure calls, see Application Programming Interfaces for Use with Natural RPC in the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.

  • For detailed information regarding EntireX Broker features and components, refer to the appropriate EntireX Broker documentation.