Using Natural Studio

This documentation explains how to work with Natural Studio, which is the development environment for Natural.

When you are working with Natural Studio in a remote development environment, see also the Remote Development Using SPoD documentation which describes several SPoD-specific features of Natural Studio.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Starting and Terminating Natural Studio How to start and terminate Natural Studio.
Elements of the Natural Studio Window General information on the menu bar, toolbar, library workspace, workspace, application workspace, results window, command line, context menus and the status bar.
Environments and Views in the Library Workspace Information on the local environment and the remote environment. How the objects in a library are presented in the logical view, flat view and file view. An overview of the icons used for the different types of nodes and how to display the properties for a node.
Using Natural Libraries How to log on to a library, create a new library, filter libraries and objects, and find objects in a library. How to copy, move, rename and delete libraries, and how to define your own logon library.
Creating, Maintaining and Executing Natural Objects Describes the Natural system commands for which menu commands are provided with Natural Studio. How to invoke an editor. How to list, check, save, stow, catalog, run and execute objects. How to clear an editor window.
Managing Natural Objects How to copy, move, export, import, rename, and delete objects. How to change the type of a Natural object, print objects and views, and refresh the display.
Managing Resources How to create and edit resources.
Managing the Different Types of Windows How to work with list view windows and dockable windows. How to arrange and activate list view windows and editor windows.
Issuing Commands in the Command Line How to use the command line.
Customizing Natural Studio How to change Natural Studio's command, toolbar and shortcut key assignments.
Setting the Options Information on the options that can be set in Natural Studio (for example, workspace options or program editor options).
Using Session Parameters How to set the session parameters for the current session.
Displaying System Information Information on the commands that are provided in the Tools > System Information menu.
Using Development Tools Information on the commands that are provided in the Tools > Development Tools menu.
Using Configuration Tools Information on the commands that are provided in the Tools > Configuration Tools menu.
Using Help Information on the commands that are provided in the Help menu.
Shortcut Keys An overview of the shortcut keys used in Natural Studio.
Rules and Naming Conventions Natural-specific rules and naming conventions for objects, libraries and user-defined variables.