Using Adabas Review

This document describes the tasks you can perform when using Adabas Review.

This Adabas Review user documentation is organized in the following topics:

Maintaining Report Definitions Describes how to maintain report definitions, including how to list, edit, copy, purge, and save a definition. This section also describes how to change the DBID in a definition, how to display report information for the definition, and how to edit the specialized Buffer Pool, Adabas Pulse, and Cluster Services reports.
Maintaining Display Programs Describes how to generate the display program for a report as well as how to edit one and regenerate it. This section also describes how to change to a different display program for a report.
Specifying Reporting Options Describes the report, logging, buffers to log, history, and report exit options available to you globally and for each report.
Running Reports Online Describes how to run reports, including how to list, start, suspend, refresh, reactivate, suspend, and close (stop) them. This section also describes how to display active report information and how to switch the command log files for a report.
Running Reports as Batch Jobs Describes how to generate batch report parameters and how to manually enter or edit them.
Running Autostarted Reports Describes how to set up automatically started reports.
Using Adabas Review in Batch Natural Describes the batch processor job control requirements and how to use Adabas Review in batch Natural.
Managing Started or Scheduled Report Output Describes how to manage the output of started reports, including how to view them, download them, sort them, print them, and purge accumulated data.
Managing History Data Describes how to manage the history reports, including how to list them, expand the list, compress history report data, and purge history data.