Reviewing the Minimum OpenVMS Quotas Procedure

From Item 2 in the table under Post-Installation Checklist - Open VMS Server, complete the following procedure to review the minimum quotas for a selected OpenVMS account.

: Use a terminal emulator most familiar to you or see Using Your Telnet Utility - TCP/IP.

To review the minimum recommended quotas

  1. On your CONNX administrator computer, start your terminal emulator, select the appropriate OpenVMS server, and then type the desired user name and password. The $ prompt appears.

  2. After the $ prompt, type the following:

  1. press <Enter>, and then type the following:

  1. Press <Enter>. The prompt changes from $ to UAF>.

  2. After the UAF> prompt, type the following:

Show Nick /Page

and then press <Enter>, replacing Nick with the desired OpenVMS Account user name. The first page of quotas for this user name are displayed.

  1. Look for the network access line: "No access restrictions".

Primary days:  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Secondary days: Sat Sun
No access restrictions
Expiration: (none)
Pwdminimum: 2
Login Fails: 0
Pwdlifetime: (none)
Pwdchange: (pre-expired)

  1. Look for the following quotas:

Maxjobs: 0
Fillm: 200
Bytlm: 82000
Maxacctjobs: 0
Shrfillm: 0
Pybtlm: 0
Maxdetach: 0
BIOlm: 512
JTquota: 4096
Prclm: 8
DIOlm: 512
WSdef: 1024
Prio: 4
ASTlm: 256
Wsquo: 4096
Queprio: 0
TQElm: 128
WSextent: 16384
CPU: (none)
Enqlm: 2048
Pgflquo: 82000

  1. Compare with the recommended minimum requirements:

Maxjobs: 0*
Bytlm: 82000
BIOlm: 512
JTquota: 4096
Prclm: 8
DIOlm: 512
WSdef: 1024
WSquo: 4096
WSextent: 16384
Enqlm: 2048
Pgflquo: 82000

  1. Press the <space bar> to display the rest of the page, then disconnect from the session and close your terminal emulator.

Note: When Maxjobs is 0, there is no limit to the number of simultaneous users who can access this particular OpenVMS account. When Maxjobs is set to a particular number, then access is limited and some users may be denied access. See your OpenVMS administrator for details.

Note: Adjust the minimum recommended CONNX quotas to meet the requirements of your VMS software.