Minimum Quota Values for RMS, Rdb, and DBMS Databases

When using CONNX for RMS, Oracle Rdb, and Codasyl DBMS, make sure the VMS account has the following minimum quota values:


Maxjobs: 0

Bytlm: 82000

BIOlm: 512

JTquota: 4096

Prclm: 8

DIOlm: 512

WSdef: 1024

WSquo: 4096

WSextent: 16384

Enqlm: 2048

Pgflquo: 82000


Confirm that network access is allowed:


Network Access: No Access Restrictions


Note: When Maxjobs is 0, there is no limit to the number of simultaneous users who can access this particular OpenVMS account. When Maxjobs is set to a particular number, then access is limited and some users may be denied access. See your OpenVMS administrator for details.


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