InfoNaut® Basics

InfoNaut and InfoNaut Professional were designed to meet the needs of CONNX customers who wish to access information simply and quickly. Unless specifically designated as features and functions solely of InfoNaut Professional, all features and functions described in this chapter are available in both InfoNaut versions.

The list of features and functions include:

  • Query memory, which enables users to recall queries executed.
  • Connection memory, which automatically prompts to reconnect to the last used data source upon startup.
  • Asynchronous execution, which enables the data source connection and query execution to occur asynchronously.
  • Read/write capability, which enables users to query and update data directly on the grid.
  • CDD modification capability. Only available in InfoNaut Professional.
  • Ability to create views. Only available in InfoNaut Professional.
  • Results can be saved as Active Server Pages, Excel files, HTML pages, comma- or tab-separated files. Only available in InfoNaut Professional.
  • Benchmark mode, which enables users to perform queries multiple times and to view the average execution time.
  • Report generation. Only available in InfoNaut Professional.


In addition to the above list of features and functions, both InfoNaut and InfoNaut Professional lets users test their queries quickly before beginning extensive development efforts in other applications.

This application is a Windows-based tool.