Release Notes

This document describes the enhancements and changes provided in Adabas Parallel Services version 8.5. It is organized as follows:

Enhancements Describes the new and changed features in Adabas Parallel Services 8.5.
Adabas Product Support Describes Adabas Parallel Services support of Adabas add-ons and other Adabas products.
Restricted Support for Adabas Features Describes any restrictions on Adabas Parallel Services support of Adabas features.
Migrating from Prior Versions Describes how to migrate from prior versions of Adabas Parallel Services.
Zap Information Describes information about Adabas Parallel Services zaps.
End of Maintenance Describes how you can determine the end-of-support dates for your Software AG products.
Documentation and Other Online Information Describes the documentation and other online information you can obtain about this release of Adabas Parallel Services.