Zap Information

This document covers the following topics related to zaps and your use of Adabas Parallel Services:

Adabas Zaps on Empower

Please be sure to check the Knowledge Center in Software AG's Empower ( web site for any cluster-related Adabas zaps when you install Adabas Parallel Services. The complete Adabas zaps may not be supplied with your Adabas Parallel Services product.

Applying Zaps to Adabas Parallel Services Components

Usually, zaps for Adabas Parallel Services nuclei can be applied and made active one nucleus at a time. That is, individual nuclei can be shut down, have the zap applied, and be brought up again without ever shutting down the entire cluster. This is the default method of applying zaps, which is in effect if the zap description does not explicitly state otherwise.

In some cases, it may be possible that applying and activating a zap one component at a time would introduce erroneous behavior in the components that have not yet been zapped. If this is the case for a zap, it will be clearly indicated in the zap description, and instructions will be given for how to apply and activate the zap properly.

Zaps to the SVCCLU component of the Adabas router (Adabas SVC), as well as the ADACOM task/job, always require the shutdown of the entire cluster before they can be activated, since every Parallel Services cluster works with only one router (SVC) and one ADACOM, and since both must stay active as long as the cluster is active.

Applying Zaps in VSE Environments

When applying Adabas Parallel Services zaps in VSE environments, the user PROC must include the Adabas library as well as the Adabas Parallel Services library in the OBJ search chain.