Restricted Support for Adabas Features

This section describes facilities of Adabas that are not supported by cluster nuclei running under this Adabas Cluster Services or Adabas Parallel Services version. The facilities are supported normally for noncluster nuclei; however, no Adabas Cluster Services or Adabas Parallel Services functionality is available to them.

For an Adabas nucleus running in cluster mode (CLUSTER=LOCAL or SYSPLEX), the following features are not available and cannot be specified:


  • sequential protection log (DDSIBA)

  • synchronous buffer flush (LFIOP=0)

The following features are not currently supported by nuclei running in cluster mode under this Adabas Cluster Services or Adabas Parallel Services version, but may be supported in subsequent versions of the product:

  • READONLY=YES (receives PARM ERROR 71 if attempted).

  • UTIONLY=YES can be specified for a cluster nucleus; if you start cluster nuclei with conflicting settings of UTIONLY, the system will change them to conform to the setting of the first active nucleus. Currently, however, the UTIONLY setting cannot be changed using an ADADBS OPERCOM or Adabas Online System function. Once the cluster is started, the only way to change the UTIONLY setting is to bring down the whole cluster and restart it with a different setting.

  • online reorder.

Enhanced error recovery is supported; however, option changes are effective only for the local nucleus.

TCP/IP direct links are supported; however, the IP address/port is tied to an individual nucleus.