Migrating from Prior Versions

Start of instruction setTo migrate from your current Adabas Parallel Services version to Adabas Parallel Services 8.5, complete the following steps:

  1. Shut down all nuclei in the cluster and the ADACOM subtasks for the Router ID (SVC) / DBID set. Run Adabas ADARES PLCOPY and ADASAV SAVE utility operations as necessary for your installation. For more information on these utility functions, refer to your Adabas documentation.

  2. Replace the load library in your existing installation with the library supplied by Software AG containing the Adabas 8.5 SP1 (ADA851.LOAD) data set. Apply the zaps delivered with Adabas 8.5 SP1 and any Adabas Parallel Services zaps and pertinent Adabas zaps downloaded from Software AG's Empower (https://empower.softwareag.com) web site.

  3. Install the Adabas 8.5 SP1 Router (SVC) if you have not already done so.

  4. Run the ADACNV utility with TOVERS=85 to convert the database to version 8.5 format. For more information about the ADACNV utility, refer to the Adabas Utilities Manual.

  5. Restart the nuclei in the cluster.

Migrating to Higher Service Pack (SP) Levels Later

To migrate from one SP level of Adabas Parallel Services 8.5 to a higher SP level (after SP1), it will also be necessary to shut down the entire cluster, since every Parallel Services cluster works with only one router (Adabas SVC) and one ADACOM task/job and since both must stay active as long as the cluster is active.