This documentation describes the installation process for Adabas Parallel Services.

It is important to review the entire installation procedure before starting the physical installation. Depending on which components you actually install, it may be useful to group certain installation activities together, even though they may not be in the same installation section.

Refer to Adabas Parallel Services Release Notes for specific information about late changes to this section.

Using System Maintenance Aid

If you use Software AG's System Maintenance Aid (SMA), refer to the System Maintenance Aid documentation for information about the installation process.

The installation procedures described in this section correspond to the jobs that SMA creates to install the product.

If you do not use SMA, you can modify and use the sample JCL provided to unload the Adabas Parallel Services libraries from the installation tape.

The Adabas Cluster Services Installation documentation is organized in the following topics:

System Requirements
Using System Maintenance Aid
Data Sets Delivered
z/OS Systems Installation
Modifying the z/OS Common Storage (CSA) Key