System Requirements

Adabas Parallel Services can be installed on z/OS and z/VSE operating systems.

This document describes the system requirements of Adabas Parallel Services.

Supported Operating System Platforms

Software AG generally provides support for the operating system platform versions supported by their respective manufacturers; when an operating system platform provider stops supporting a version of an operating system, Software AG will stop supporting that version.

For information regarding Software AG product compatibility with IBM platforms and any IBM requirements for Software AG products, please review the Product Compatibility for IBM Platforms web page.

Before attempting to install this product, ensure that your host operating system is at the minimum required level. For information on the operating system platform versions supported by Software AG products, complete the following steps.

  1. Access Software AG's Empower web site at

  2. Log into Empower. Once you have logged in, you can expand Products & Documentation in the left menu of the web page and select Product Version Availability to access the Product Version Availability screen.

  3. Use the fields on the top of this screen to filter its results for your Software AG product. When you click the Search button, the supported Software AG products that meet the filter criteria are listed in the table below the filter criteria.

    This list provides, by supported operating system platform:

    • the Software AG general availability (GA) date of the Software AG product;

    • the date the operating system platform is scheduled for retirement (OS Retirement);

    • the Software AG end-of-maintenance (EOM) date for the product; and

    • the Software AG end-of-sustained-support (EOSS) date for the product.

Although it may be technically possible to run a new version of your Software AG product on an older operating system, Software AG cannot continue to support operating system versions that are no longer supported by the system’s provider. If you have questions about support, or if you plan to install this product on a release, version, or type of operating system other than one listed on the Product Version Availability screen described above, consult Software AG technical support to determine whether support is possible, and under what circumstances.

This release of the Event Replicator Target Adapter Administration tool is supported in Windows and Linux environments that also support Eclipse.

Supported Hardware

For general information regarding Software AG product compatibility with other platforms and their requirements for Software AG products, visit Software AG's Hardware Supported web page.

Prerequisite Software AG Software

This section describes the Software AG product and SVC (router) requirements for Adabas Parallel Services.

Adabas Requirements

Adabas Parallel Services version 8.5 SP1 requires Adabas version 8.5 SP1, with appropriate Adabas 8.5 SP1 zaps applied.

Please be sure to check the Knowledge Center in Software AG's Empower ( web site for additional cluster-related Adabas zaps when installing Adabas Parallel Services. The complete Adabas zaps may not be supplied with your Adabas Parallel Services product.

All Adabas nuclei in the same cluster must run with the same version, release, and modification levels of Adabas and of Adabas Parallel Services. For example, if one nucleus in a cluster runs with Adabas Parallel Services 8.5 SP1 and Adabas 8.5 SP1, the other nuclei in the cluster must also run with Adabas Parallel Services 8.5 SP1 and Adabas 8.5 SP1; they cannot run with different versions.

The following table identifies the Software AG cluster products and the Adabas product combinations with which they are compatible:

Software AG Cluster Product Compatible Adabas
Name Library Version Library Version SVC Version
Adabas Parallel Services 8.5 SP1 8.5 SP1 8.5 SP1
8.4 SP1 8.4 SP1 8.4 SP1

Adabas Online System Requirements

If you install Adabas Online System (AOS), either the demo version delivered with Adabas 8.5 SP1 or the version 8.5 SP1 selectable unit is required.

Router (SVC) Requirements and Support

Adabas Parallel Services requires a compatible version of the Adabas router (ADASVC), which contains the Adabas Parallel Services component SVCCLU. The router must be installed on each operating system image in the parallel sysplex where either Adabas cluster nuclei or users are located.

The Adabas router (SVC) provided with Adabas 8.5 SP1 supports clusters running Adabas Parallel Services 8.4 SP1 as well as clusters running Adabas Parallel Services 8.5.

For more information about Adabas router compatibility, review the table showing valid Adabas and cluster product combinations in Adabas Requirements.