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Deployment Service

This document covers the following topics:


The deployment service is the (server-side) counterpart to the deployment wizard; see Server Mapping Deployment Wizard. It is a built-in service of the EntireX RPC server, which can be enabled/disabled by EntireX RPC server configuration settings.

Usage can be restricted to certain users or group of users, using EntireX Security; see Authorization of Client and Server.

You need to configure the deployment service only when server-side mapping files are used. There are also client-side server mapping files that do not need configuration here; see Server Mapping Files for COBOL in the EntireX Workbench documentation.


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The deployment service is used in conjunction with the

See also Deploying Server-side Mapping Files to the RPC Server.

The deployment service uses the same class and server names as defined for the EntireX RPC server, and DEPLOYMENT as the service name, resulting in class/server/DEPLOYMENT as the broker service. Please note DEPLOYMENT is a service name reserved by Software AG. See broker attribute SERVICE.

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Enabling the Deployment Service

Start of instruction setTo enable the deployment service

  1. For a Batch RPC Server, the server-side mapping container (ISAM file) must be installed and configured. See Step 1: Define a Server-side Mapping Container in the BS2000/OSD Installation documentation.

  2. Set the RPC server parameter deployment=yes. See deployment under Configuring the RPC Server.

  3. Define in the broker attribute file, under the RPC service, an additional broker service with DEPLOYMENT as the service name and values for class and server identical to those used for the RPC service. For example, if your RPC service is named


    the deployment service requires the following additional service definition in the broker attribute file:

  4. Optional. If you need to restrict the use of the deployment service to a selected group of users, use EntireX Security and define security rules for the class/server/DEPLOYMENT broker service. The service name DEPLOYMENT is a constant.

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Disabling the Deployment Service

Start of instruction setTo disable the deployment service

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