Dynamic Apps Platform : Administering My webMethods Server : Working with Shells in My webMethods Server : Using an Alias with a Shell Section
Using an Alias with a Shell Section
If a folder has an alias, you can use the alias to select it for use as a shell section. For information about using aliases with folders, see Managing Aliases.
To select a shell section using an alias
1. As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Interface > Shell Administration.
2. To modify a shell, click the Tools icon and then click Edit.
3. In the shell section you want to associate with an alias, click Use Alias.
4. In the Alias Name field of the server resource selector, type the alias of the folder you want to use for this shell section.
5. To determine if the server can find the alias, click Test.
6. If the server correctly resolves the alias, click Select.
7. If needed, you can clone this folder or edit it directly, as described in Modifying a Shell.
8. Click Save.
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