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Managing Aliases
Creating an Alias to a Server Resource on the Properties Page
Creating an Alias to a Server Resource on the Alias Management Page
Searching for Aliases
Using Saved Alias Searches
Modifying an Alias to Point to a Different Server Resource
Deleting an Alias
The Alias Management page lets you manage URL aliases as server objects. With this page, you can create, view, modify, or delete custom URL aliases and create more friendly URLs for various parts of your server.
For example, if you want to create an area of the server for the Sales Department, and you have already created a folder for the Sales team in your server’s Public Folders, it might be referenced by a non-intuitive URL such as: http://server:port/meta/default/folder/0000002216
To make it easier for the Sales team to remember the location of the Sales server, you can use the Alias Management page to create a more user friendly URL such as: http://server:port/Sales
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